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As a primary instructor, I have taught several courses on ethical theory and applied ethics. This includes Professional Ethics, Business and Morality, and Introduction to Ethics. In these courses, I've taught sections on how doctors can help their patients give a genuinely informed consent to medical treatment, how citizens can protest companies' use of sweatshop labor without causing further harm to already impoverished populations, and how to properly balance conflicting interests when instituting social policies meant to protect citizens' freedom of political speech.

Each of my courses is designed to cast aside preconceptions of philosophy as being only relevant to the concerns of affluent, white, heterosexual men. I make a concerted effort to assign – early and often in the semester – philosophical works written by women and people of color in order to build inclusion and provide students with a strong sense of how the philosophical issues we are discussing are relevant to the lives of people from a wide range of social positions and cultural backgrounds.

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